Cafe Kosmos Lounge takes
off with Qin Bamboo Deck

Cafe Kosmos Lounge Moso Bamboo Xtreme



Well equipped for any weather

Bamboo X-treme is even suitable for extreme weather conditions such as those found in the Alps. Due to the special manufacturing process neither knotholes nor hardwood parts are contained, the whole surface is homogeneous. This almost completely prevents the formation of splinters and cracks. Bamboo X-treme also avoids the well-known effects of other types of wood such as twists, cracks and strong cracks. When newly laid, the material has the reddish colour of mahogany. Due to the natural weathering, this colour changes, but can be restored at any time by cleaning and re-oiling the surface.



Constant ageing of the material

Bamboo X-treme ages very evenly. After 3 months the dark red mahogany shade is clearly lightened and a rather brown shade has developed. The changes in wood caused by the weather are a natural process that always takes place regardless of the surface finish. No coating, whether oiling or varnishing, is able to retain the colour of the new material. This is due to the rather open structure of the wood. The only important thing is that this change takes place evenly, otherwise it won't look good very quickly.



Natural and even greying

The greying of Bamboo X-treme shows at first sight: a natural material has been used here. After about 18 months, the material has reached this shade, which does not change any further. Despite this colour change, caused by weather, sun, snow and ice, the material is still homogeneous and has a calm surface. The damage caused by other wood species, including weathering, such as cracks, warping and splintering, does not occur with Bamboo X-treme. This makes this material particularly interesting for outdoor areas where barefoot walking is used.





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