Qin and Bamboo

Which products are distributed by Qin?

Qin International exclusively distributes bamboo products made from materials of the Dutch company Moso International B.V.. These are indoor floor coverings, outdoor terrace coverings, facade claddings and fences. Qin also designs and manufactures furniture from solid bamboo panels.

Are bamboo terraces also durable in the Alps?

Bamboo - the right choice for all weathers

The terrace decking consisting of the compacted material Bamboo X-treme is extremely resilient and very durable. Neither sun, rain nor snow, neither bacteria nor fungi can harm this material. This is backed by a 25 year product guarantee.

How do bamboo terraces change over time?

Bamboo is the " calm " material

The extreme durability of bamboo is reassuring in the truest sense of the word. Bamboo does not throw itself, does not tear, has no knotholes. Bamboo does not form any splinters (also called sprouts, skewers, splinters, splinters or slabs) which can penetrate into the naked foot. Even after a long period of snow and ice, the material remains unimpressed. Like other natural woods, bamboo greys over time as a result of the sun's rays and the weather and forms a beautiful patina.

What maintenance does a bamboo terrace need?

The care is very simple

After two or three years we recommend cleaning the terrace with a carbide broom (for larger terraces with a machine). Dust and dirt will be safely removed. Then the terrace is oiled again in dry weather with our maintenance oil and looks like new afterwards.

Does Qin also install terraces?

Qin gives you full service

We advise, plan, build, deliver and maintain. With Qin you have the perfect partner for everything around the bamboo terrace. Our focus is on high-quality hotels, communities and larger office buildings. From the sampling to the final acceptance we are the experienced partner for the landscape gardener, the client and the hotel owner.

Qin and Moso

How do Qin and Moso relate to each other?

Qin International GmbH and MOSO International B.V. are two independent privately owned companies. Qin has decided to sell only MOSO products. No other manufacturer offers the outstanding material quality, the good service and the high professionalism. The fast availability from the large Dutch central warehouse near Amsterdam is another argument for Moso.

Qin bamboo furniture

Beautiful, classic and CO2-neutral furniture

Today, many furniture manufacturers see themselves in the much-vaunted tradition of the Bauhaus. We do not claim this tradition for ourselves. We simply make classically designed furniture systems from solid bamboo panels, manufactured with the latest technology in Italy. Our bamboo furniture is robust, quick to assemble and disassemble, very variable and highly resilient. And nothing bends, even with 80 kilos of illustrated books on a board. We will guarantee that.

Are natural forests cleared for bamboo?

Bamboo forests are a sustainable source of raw materials

The fast growth and the simple and sustainable harvest are the most important environmental arguments for bamboo. Every year, the bamboo mother plant develops many new trunks that grow to their full length of up to 20 meters in just a few months. Then it takes about 5 years for the bamboo stem to harden and have the desired technical properties to be processed into high-quality products. In a well-managed bamboo forest, there is neither clear-cutting nor endangerment of existence.

Does the Green Party have bamboo in their offices?

The lake lies calm and blue...

No, the Green Party isn't ready yet. However, we would be pleased if they would follow the words with deeds even in a small environment. We are happy to equip all Green Party offices with environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral bamboo materials and furniture. We are looking forward to receiving this enquiry.

And Tesla? Do they use CO2 neutral bamboo?

Tesla is still missing - but many others are already there.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard from Elon yet. But here are a few good examples: In Holland it's Ricoh and Schiphol Airport. In France the tea railway company SNCF and the Grande Arche in Paris. In Spain Iberostar Hotels and Hard Rock Hotels. In Italy, the new CityLife shopping district in Milan and the University Library in Trento. In Hong Kong, the new Hermes Boutique. And listen and be amazed: in Porto the terrace of the IKEA shop. All in all (as of mid-2019) more than 3,000,000 m2 of bamboo terrace have been laid. Before we forget Tesla: BMW and Lexus use bamboo applications in their vehicles. Tesla does not.

Which bamboo does the Panda Bear prefer?

The Panda is a Gourmet

The Panda Bear (both small and large) lives in a mountainous region in central China. The Panda Bear only uses the small bamboo species with the tender leaves and shoots as food in this region. The giant bamboo Moso, which also grows much further away, is spurned by the Panda Bears.