The most important certifications

For the most important and well-known certifications, independent institutes have tested MOSO Bamboo products for their durability, safety, sustainability and quality.

FSC® Certificate

As part of the world's best-known and strictest certification system for the wood industry, an FSC certification for bamboo has now also been developed. Qin International offers its customers all products with FSC certification on request. The certificate number is FSC C002063.

LEED® Certificate

Through the use of MOSO bamboo products, points can be accredited to the LEED "Green Building" certification program.

Contribution LEED BD+C
v4: SS7, MR1, MR2, EQ2, MR3 (FSC)
v2009: MR 6, MR 7 (FSC), IEQ4.3, IEQ 4.4 (if produced with E0 adhesives)

If you would like further information and proof of certification, please send us a message: info@qin.eu

BREEAM® Certificate

Through the use of MOSO bamboo products, points can be accredited to BREEAM certification programs.

BREEAM contribution: HEA 2, MAT 1, MAT 3 (FSC), MAT 5 (DT)

If you would like further information and proof of certification, please send us a message: info@qin.eu

Interior Climate

For a healthy indoor climate, it is important that products that are processed indoors have very low emissions. They must comply with the European E1 standard (EN 717-1). All MOSO products used by Qin International meet these requirements; some even meet the requirements of the strictest E0 standard. Here, adhesives without formaldehyde additives are used in manufacturing.

In addition, all MOSO indoor floors in France carry the A and A+ volatile organic compound mark. In France, this is the best result that can be achieved with this standardisation.

CO2 balance

The Technical University of Delft has prepared an official study on the CO2 balance of MOSO bamboo products. The report, which is available on request, states that all tested MOSO products (all solid bamboo floor coverings, decking boards, panels and veneers) are CO2 neutral or better over their entire life cycle.

Fire protection class Interior floor coverings

In order to meet the requirements of the CE marking, all MOSO floor coverings have been tested for their fire performance according to EN13501-1. The classifications range from A1fl (non-flammable) to Ffl (highly flammable). The fire protection class of MOSO floor coverings is dependent on the product, classified from class B to D.

Fire protection class Bamboo X-treme Outdoor area

According to EN13501-1, fire classifications range from A1fl (non-flammable) to Ffl (highly flammable). The MOSO Bamboo X-treme and MOSO Density products meet fire protection class B from a thickness of 18 mm. This is not possible with all other types of wood without additional fire protection impregnation.

Durability class

In the European standard EN 350, wood/bamboo is classified according to the resistance of wood-destroying fungi. The natural durability of wood/bamboo is classified from 1 (very durable) to 5 (not durable). To determine the durability there are two methods (in the laboratory):

- CEN/TS 15083-2 for applications in direct contact with earth and/or fresh water

- CEN/TS 15083-1 for applications without earth and/or fresh water contact.

Both methods resulted in class 1 (very durable) for MOSO Bamboo X-treme. MOSO Bamboo X-treme can be used both without and with earth and/or fresh water contact. The MOSO Bamboo N-Finity products are currently only tested according to CEN/TS 15083-1. Also here the method is the highest class 1 (very durable). The product can therefore be used outdoors without direct earth and/or fresh water contact.

Usage class

The European standard EN 335 classifies five classes of use: Here, different situations are presented to which wood or bamboo products can be exposed. The standard provides information on the presence of mould and mildew in the various classes: Class 1 (interior dry) to class 5 (heaviest application, permanent in salt water). MOSO Bamboo X-treme products achieve class 1 in both CEN/TS 15083-1 and CEN/TS 15083-2 and can therefore be used in use class 4 (outdoor with ground and/or water contact). MOSO Bamboo N-finity products have the highest durability class in CEN/TS 15083-1 and can therefore only be used in service class 3 (outdoor use without direct earth and/or water contact).

CE marking

CE marking requires the highest quality for various product characteristics: safety, health, environment and consumer protection. MOSO has been CE marked for its entire range of floor coverings for many years.

ISO 9001 and 14001

Qin International has great confidence in MOSO's certified products. The Dutch company has developed many new manufacturing processes since 1998. Thanks to the professional organisation of our production facilities, we always have an eye on the availability and quality of MOSO products and can react immediately if necessary. In contrast to many other European companies, which simply source their bamboo products from China without control, the MOSO inspectors not only monitor the end product, but the entire process from purchasing the bamboo trunks through production to packaging and logistics. MOSO produces only on ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified equipment. This ensures that our customers can be sure that even the strictest health, safety and environmental guidelines are met. This is what Qin International and Moso International stand for with a guarantee of up to 25 years (depending on the product).