Bamboo - material of the future

Natural bamboo forest in Fujian Province, China
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Durable and CO2 neutral

Moso bamboo is characterised by excellent hardwood properties, above all by its extraordinary stability and resistance. In addition, it is impressively sustainable. Thanks to these characteristics, bamboo floors, bamboo boards and bamboo decking boards can also be used in commercial buildings with extremely high demands. The products are constructed from individual slats and are therefore extremely dimensionally stable.

The giant bamboo is an inexhaustible resource. It grows faster than any other plant species: up to one meter per day! Since the five-year-old stems are harvested every year, the young shoots get more space to grow, which means an even higher yield. In the extremely fast growth phase, the bamboo binds more CO2 than is released during the entire production cycle. This is one reason why all massive bamboo products are guaranteed CO2 neutral throughout their life cycle.

Qin International's bamboo products are completely different from all other Chinese bamboo products in terms of quality and performance due to the use of the most modern and comprehensively certified production technologies. And in the special event that something is overlooked, you can rely on our full support including a 25 year product warranty!

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