Bamboo is the material of choice in many areas, Photo: Siplast - Laurent St Jean by Moso International B.V.

Bamboo - unlimited possibilities

Bamboo has long outgrown its children's shoes as a cheap parquet floor. Today this excellent and sustainable material is used in almost all areas of our everyday life. From disposable cutlery to toilet paper, from patio decks to furniture construction - the applications of bamboo are practically unlimited. Wherever products are made of wood, bamboo is the more sustainable and often the better alternative.


Application of bamboo materials - a selection

Private wooden terrace by the sea, Photo Reily Imagery by Moso International B.V.

Private terrace
Bamboo X-treme wooden decking boards with increased durability and a beautiful appearance are also the best ecological alternative to tropical hardwoods in private house construction.

Facade cladding made of Bamboo X-treme, Photo: Moso International B.V.

Wooden facades are an excellent protection against weather influences. They are particularly suitable for protecting buildings in the mountains and on the sea. Bamboo X-treme is weather-resistant and very dimensionally stable and can also be mounted perfectly on larger buildings with our special mounting system.


Spa landscape with mit Bamboo X-treme, Photo: Moso International B.V.

Spa and Wellness
More and more decks and terraces are being built not only in the 5* hotel sector. Suppliers are also building such facilities in the spa sector. The demands on the material are high, pools have salt water or contain chlorine additives. Customers almost always walk barefoot, splintering is a no-go! Bamboo X-treme is the most suitable material for this sensitive areas.


Boardwalk at the promenade of Tel Aviv from Bamboo X-treme, Photo: Elad Gonen by Moso International B.V.

Footbridges and Promenades
Especially on the coast, jetties and promenades are very much appreciated. Bamboo X-treme withstands the toughest weather conditions and is low-maintenance. Thanks to the homogeneous surface, it is also possible to integrate seats that do not immediately destroy every fine fabric.


Public area, Photo: David Ducastel Phileas by Moso International B.V.

Public area
Public buildings increasingly have waiting and recreation areas for the public. Here a versatile, low-maintenance and robust material is in demand.


Bridge construction, Photo: Lior Teitler by Moso International B.V.

Bridge construction
Bamboo X-treme is even used in statically and safety-technically demanding bridge construction.


Dressing room in private villa, Photo: Andy Andresen by Qin International

Furniture fixtures made to measure
Based on Moso bamboo panels, Qin International also designs and manufactures custom-made furniture fixtures. Here is an example of a private dressing room with shelves in Bordeaux piano lacquer and LED lighting in shopfitting quality.

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