Qin delivers to Altmühltherme Treuchtlingen

Plan drawing construction outdoor terrace: Copyright studioGA Gollwitzer Architekten, Munich

The Altmühltherme Treuchtlingen has opted for Bamboo X-treme

The new outdoor terrace of the renovated Altmühltherme Treuchtlingen will be completely covered with Bamboo X-treme. This makes Treuchtlingen the first Bavarian community to decide against tropical hardwood and to use Bamboo X-treme for a climate-neutral solution.

The elevated steel construction is very sophisticated and allows a direct fastening of the substructure. The material is stored safely and dry and will be installed from the end of October 2019.


Photo: Andy Andresen by Qin International

On-schedule delivery, safe storage


Photo: Andy Andresen by Qin International

Here you will find further information on the status of the modernisation:

Website modernization Altmühltherme (German only)