Qin delivers Bamboo deck in new Munich Werksviertel district

Event area in building Werk3 receives almost 700 m2 bamboo deck

The new building Werk3 at Munich Ostbahnhof has been given a very special bamboo terrace. The München Hoch5 event location is located on the 5th to 7th floors with a large outdoor terrace on the 6th and 7th floors. Since events for car manufacturers also take place on the 6th floor, the area must be able to withstand high loads and be passable by cars up to 7.5 tons. After extensive load tests, our Bamboo X-treme material is released for the area. The Munich fire police also requested an expert opinion in which the low flammability of the material had to be proven. Qin was also able to submit this expert opinion. The deck was then extended for the pool area on the 7th floor, Bamboo X-treme can also be used here without problems in the vicinity of chlorinated water.


An event area has to withstand a lot

A regularly used event area has to withstand a lot. Temporary buildings are erected, car tires leave traces, cables are taped. Grills leave grease stains, cigarettes are shed, red wine spills. Bamboo X-treme does all this without complaint and still looks good even after longer use.


The design must also be right

The warm hue of Bamboo X-treme matches very well with the intense orange of the façade of Werk3.


Here are many more pictures of the events on the bamboo terrace:

The event arena München Hoch5